Warranty with PCBS

PCBS are licensed by the Office of Fair Trading and appointed by a panel of specialist lenders. We are pleased to offer competitive finance options for the purchase of your car.

Warranty Cover Key Facts

Warranty Cover Key Facts

  • Multiple levers of cover available at an additional premium
  • Is covered if parts fail or providing they have been changed in line with manufacturer’s schedules
  • Labour Cost up to £100
  • If any of the covered parts fail and this damages the casings they will be covered
Platinum Plus Warranty

Platinum Plus Warranty

What if your car refuses to start or breaks down? Even the most reliable of vehicles can let you down sometimes and cost a fortune to repair.

It’s always worth thinking ahead. A car that’s in perfect working order now may be more likely to break down as it ages.

It’s enough to keep you awake at night. Unless you invest in PCBS Platinum Plus Warranty.

Significant Benefits

Significant Benefits

Our breakdown warranty covers all mechanical and electrical parts and is designed to help with the cost of repairs, including labour, VAT and replacement parts. And when you consider that modern vehicles contain over 700 components, any of which might fail over time, the impact on your pocket could be painful.

Why not let us foot the repair bill instead?

  • Includes parts, labour and VAT
  • Fast payment of claims
  • Comprehensive parts coverage
  • Transferable